Model Schools


Lost Creek
Clay County High

What is a WV PBIS Tier 1 Model School?

A school that has participated in a PBIS Academy conducted by the PBIS state leadership team and has implemented tier 1 with fidelity (i.e., a TFI score of 80% or better) for at least 1 year. The school will exemplify a high level of PBIS implementation with fidelity and show improved student outcomes due to PBIS.

Who should apply?

Schools that have 80% or better on the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) Tier 1, have improved student outcomes due to PBIS, and agree to serve as a demonstration site that can be highlighted in videos, webinars and open to visits from outside parties (i.e. state/county employees, administrators, WV PBIS staff, teachers) are welcomed to apply. Applications will be reviewed and schools will be evaluated at a site visit.

Why should your school apply?

PBIS Model Schools will serve as examples for other schools implementing or exploring PBIS. As a model school, your example will help spread this effective and beneficial framework throughout the state. In addition, your school will receive statewide recognition.

What are your responsibilities?

  • Maintain requirements as a PBIS Tier 1 Model school,
  • Agree to a walkthrough of your school campus from state PBIS Leadership team,
  • Provide free site visits or consultations to other PBIS teams, State Stakeholders, Administrators, WV PBIS staff, etc.
  • Share artifacts, ideas, and practices that are examples of your PBIS best practices. These examples may be placed on our website, social media, in videos or webinars, or in our academies and conference.
  • Present at a session at the WV PBIS Conference.
  • Invite WV PBIS staff to any PBIS activity that you think shows off your program or may be a beneficial learning opportunity

How do I get started?